There are many benefits to having colon hydrotherapy done. This is a safe drug free and chemical free procedure that involves gently mixing warm water that is filtered into your rectum. Most people find this very effective for many issues and that the procedure is actually relaxing.

For this type of procedure, you will be gently placed on the treatment table where the doctor will insert a petite speculum in your rectum. It is very important for the doctor or therapist to keep an eye on the temperature of the water that is mixed in and out of the large intestine. The entire process takes around 45 minute to complete.

Even though it is a 45-minute procedure, there is no stress put on the individual going through the procedure. The instruments that are used are disposable so the patient can be sure that what is being used on them is completely sterile. Below is a brief break down of the top 6 benefits that most people encounter when they have a colon hydrotherapy done.

1. Great weight loss results come from this procedure as it promotes elimination in the bowels. It also helps to clear out toxins in the body so it helps to improve on your mental awareness. With all of these great effects, you can expect to see your biological age improve.

2. You will find that your muscles in your abdominal area are much more relaxed because of the effects from the temperature of the water that is used in the colon hydrotherapy. You will also see that your muscles in the abdominal area appear more toned because you are getting rid of hidden waste in the bowels.

3. You will have a better sense of well being because you will be getting rid of mucus from your body as well as any things that have not been digested and even toxic bacteria and any buildup of gases.

4. Women can get relief from certain gynecological issues such as dysmenorrhea and cystitis when the prolapsed intestine is reduced. Many people also notice that they have reduced complications after they have surgery when they colon hydrotherapy. This is due to your immune system being reinforced by doing these cleansing procedures.

5. People will see that they can rid themselves of parasites with this type of procedure. This is because the water temp is regulated and that a person can add things to the hydrotherapy such as garlic as well as herbs to help get the most benefits from the procedure.

6. You will find that compression of other organs close to the colon will be reduced when the amount of waste in the colon is reduced. This can help such organs as your lungs, your liver, and your heart. You may even feel a sort of lightness when the surrounding organs begin to relax.