90 Day Paleo Challenge – Caveman Meets Technology!

Remember, life does not stand still. Every decision you make will move you in a direction toward wellness or sickness on the wellness continuum — What direction are you moving in? We are here to help you achieve the life you want.

Mind Body and Flow Chandler, ArizonaCMind Body and Flow Chandler, ArizonaMind Body and Flow Chandler, ArizonaMind Body and Flow Chandler, ArizonaMind Body and Flow Chandler, Arizona

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What Does the 90 Day Paleo Challenge Consist Of?

Mind Body and Flow of Chandler, Arizona not only offers a Customized Wellness Program PERSONALIZED to your Lifestyle, Eating Habits and Time Schedules, but our program also includes the necessary Guidance, Direction and Assistance to assure your success in Creating Wellness within Yourself! Heres is just an little overview of what our program consists of:

  • 14 day Quick Start – daily emails with direction, coaching and motivation on fitness, nutrition and lifestyle choices.
  • Professionally designed 90-Day Program guide they can view or print from their computer.
  • Powerful on-line Meal Plan guide with family recipes.
  • Shopping Guide to make the grocery experience easy and simple (printable version).
  • Beginner and Advanced fitness routines.
  • Periodic emails through-out entire program focused keeping the patient engaged and motivated to succeed.
  • Access to MyCreatingWellnessSpace on day 15.
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Mind Body and Flow’s 90 Day Transformational Paleo Challenge is a Personalized, Custom Wellness Program designed specifically for YOU!

If you are looking to find a fitness program that involves Getting Fit, Eating Right, and Thinking Well we have the program for you!

Movement = Wellness

BE FIT – Our FITNESS PROGRAM is designed for your needs and goals and fits into your busy schedule.

Eat Real Food. Really.

EAT RIGHT – You are provided NUTRITIONAL DIRECTION with menu planning and eating-out guidance.

Smart Choices Are Easy Choices.

THINK WELL – Receive WELLNESS COACHING to assist you in achieving your wellness goals

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