A Lifestyle Program in 3 Dimensions Mind Body and Flow Chandler, ArizonaBe Fit. Eat Right. Think Well.



Be Fit

Feel great with customized strength and cardio training.
Our physical fitness program is customized to your level of wellness and comes complete with exercise DVDs, the fitness ball and fitness bands.
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Eat Right

Make eating healthy and simple.
Personalized meal plans, dining out guide and our world-class nutritional supplements are developed to meet your needs.
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Think Well

Motivational Sound Advice & LifeStyle Coaching.
Uniquely customized to meet your lifestyle needs and designed to lend support in helping you achieve your wellness goals.

What’s Included In Your 90 Day Creating Wellness Program?

  • 14 day Quick Start – daily emails with direction, coaching and motivation on fitness, nutrition and lifestyle choices.
  • Professionally designed 90-Day Program guide they can view or print from their computer.
  • Powerful on-line Meal Plan guide with family recipes.
  • Shopping Guide to make the grocery experience easy and simple (printable version).
  • Beginner and Advanced fitness routines.
  • Periodic emails through-out entire program focused keeping the patient engaged and motivated to succeed.
  • Access to MyCreatingWellnessSpace on day 15.
    • Once you gain access to your MyCreatingWellnessSpace your Personalized, Interactive Wellness lifestyle are clicks away. You Creating Wellness Space includes:
      * Customized meal planning
      * Dining out guide
      * Interactive fitness programs with videos
      * Support & direction
      * Articles and family wellness information
      * Track your success and progress
      * Personalized wellness journal
      Losing weight and feeling great has never been easier.

    How our Program Works – The 5 Step Process

    Creating Wellness offers a never before achieved multi-dimensional assessment of the positive and negative stresses of your daily life.
    Our personal coaching program is a cornerstone of the Creating Wellness System – it is the mission of your coach to make sure you get results.
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    Schedule Your Assessment

    Your journey begins with your Creating Wellness Assessment. Using state-of-the-art, scientific technology and a comprehensive lifestyle questionnaire, our assessment evaluates your wellness in each of the 3 dimensions – Be Fit. Eat Right. Think Well. The Creating Wellness Assessment measures and records such factors as nervous system function, body composition, stress response – and over 50 other factors that are crucial indicators of your over-all wellness. This evaluation allows us to focus on the specific needs that must be met in order for you to increase your wellness in all 3 dimensions. At the end of the assessment you are provided your unique personalized Wellness Quotient (WQ). One number that communicates your overall level of wellness.

    Contact Mind Body and Flow to schedule your Wellness Assessment.

    Find Out Your Wellness Quotient (WQ)

    Our powerful computer software uses your physical assessment and lifestyle questionnaire to calculate your Wellness Quotient. Your Wellness Quotient is a snapshot of your overall state of wellness— think of it as your Wellness IQ. It is the sum total of your present Physical, Bio-Chemical and Psychological well-being—and the foundation from which you will begin to create wellness in your life.

    Receive Your Customized Creating Wellness Program

    Here is where it gets exciting! Based on the results of your assessment, we create a 3- dimensional program—customized to your unique needs. Our software makes this possible by turning the data we’ve collected into a personal action plan for wellness, your customized Creating Wellness System! Each dimension – Be Fit, Eat Right and Think Well – is developed to help you achieve your goals!

    A Certified Wellness Coach Will Support You Through The Program

    We understand that making major lifestyle changes can be difficult—and sometimes a little scary. That is why you will work with a certified Wellness Coach for encouragement, advice and motivation. Your personal coach will help you face challenges, overcome obstacles—and share in your victories! During these wellness sessions, your coach will discuss your “Sound Advice” audio magazine, and a fitness and nutritional program that’s right for you. Creating Wellness certified Coaches give you the tools and support you need to get the most out of the Creating Wellness System. It is the mission of our coaches to make sure you achieve your goals!

    Periodical Reassessments To Help With Program Change/Adaptation

    Your are reassessed periodically to make sure you are achieving measurable progress. Continuous re-assessments allow us to make adjustments in the program to ensure it is always addressing your most current needs. The Creating Wellness System changes as you change—adapting dynamically as you move through the program. It is exciting and encouraging to see your Wellness Quotient continuously increase during the course of the program!

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    Contact Mind Body and Flow today to start Your Creating Wellness program today!

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    Skip “…a whole new world has been opened to me…”

    Age 64

    Mind Body and Flow Chandler, Arizona“I have been on the Creating Wellness program since January 2012; I have been working out for several years but have always been only able to go so far. Since I have started the program I have lost 20lbs, and kept it off. The Sound AdviceTM is great for establishing the right eating habits, portion size, eating out and more. I am taking the Vitalize vitamins, the Metabolize, and Mobilize (joint support) I feel I have more energy since being on the vitamins, as for the mobilize I can not say enough about that, I had hip surgery in my right leg 4 years ago and the Dr. felt the left would following shortly – if I needed to get down to tie my shoes I would have to do it on my knees….after about a 4-6 weeks of being on the mobilize I started realizing there was very little pain in the left leg, and I can cross my legs and bend down to tie my shoes with no pain at all. The exercise DVDs has opened a whole new world to me, I have added the ball exercise to my strength training program and have enjoyed it, I’ve also noticed a big difference in posture. These are all things I probably would not have done or been able to do had it not been for the Creative Wellness program. Thank You for a more energetic life!


    Call Us Today 480-78-COLON(2-6566)! Get Started With Your Creating Wellness Program!

    [box type=”shadow”] Dorothy “…I’m improving my WQ everyday…”

    Age 47

    Mind Body and Flow Chandler, Arizona“I always thought I would lose weight without having to “work for it“. With Creating Wellness I learned that you have to be mindful of every bite of food you eat. You have to ask yourself if it is good for your body and not just an object to use to relieve stress. We all know that eating does not relieve stress; sometimes it causes more stress; especially when the clothes become tighter instead of looser. My Wellness Coach taught me many different techniques on how to cope with every mood that might trigger an eating binge. She used methods of relaxation and exercise to reduce the stress levels we all face in everyday life. Creating Wellness meetings showed me I’m not in this world alone, or with unique problems. These meetings and this program showed me how to cope with the situation and turn it into a “Winning” outcome. I continually listen to the Sound AdviceTM to reinforce positive thoughts, and I learn something new each time. The assessments were great for gauging how I progressed, or didn’t progress if I procrastinated. The program does work if you follow it faithfully.”


    Contact Us For A Program That Will Work For You!

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    Tim “…junk food use to be 90% of my diet…”

    Age 44

    Mind Body and Flow Chandler, ArizonaI just wanted to thank you for all of your guidance and support. The program was fantastic. It helped me to improve my physical and mental state. I was overweight, had little energy and alternated between states of agitation and haziness. I now enjoy more energy, self esteem and I just feel healthier. I lost about 24 lbs through better eating habits and more exercise. Before the program, about 90% of my diet came from processed or fast foods. I’m now more aware of portion content and size and I’m eating more fruits and vegetables (which is a real accomplishment for a junk food addict). Even though I’ve completed the program, I know that I will be able to maintain my weight because of my new life style habits. Through the program, I also kicked a very severe caffeine addiction in which I was drinking between 1 and 2 liters of diet coke a day. I rarely drank a glass of water. The “Think Well” component of the program really assisted me in dealing with my caffeine addiction and the declining health of my elderly parents. I think it’s important for those considering the program to know that they will greatly benefit not only from the customized program, but also from the focused coaching sessions. Going through a life-change isn’t easy to do on your own and does require support from others who can relate to what you are going through.”


    Let Mind Body & Flow Help You! Call Us at Mind Body & Flow Today 480-78-COLON(2-6566)!

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    Erlein “…25 pounds lighter and off my diabetic medication…”

    Age 65

    “Seven years ago, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. My MD put me on medication and told me to take one vitamin a Mind Body and Flow Chandler, Arizonaday. The brand he gave me was a highly commercialized vitamin so I took them along with all 8 pills for my diabetes. In 2007 a combination of the pills, my diabetes and lifestyle put me in the hospital – I almost died. I have 5 children, 11 grandchildren and one great grandchild. While in the hospital they took me off most of the diabetic pills. I still went to my chiropractor because that seemed to be the only way I could feel better. The diabetes pills had put weight on me – I was now over 200 lbs. One day my chiropractor asked me what vitamins I was taking and told me about Vitalize and Creating Wellness. Since I started taking Vitalize and went on the program, I’ve been able to get completely off my diabetes medicine and I have lost 65 lbs. I take my Vitalize every morning with my juice and the exercise I get is tremendous. Taking my Vitalize is like taking a fresh drink of water and feeling terrific. My five children range in age from 38 to 50 years and they are now taking Vitalize because they say I am running circles around them. My MD says I am doing great. I feel great, no pills, just my Vitalize. I am able to mow my yard; I’ve painted my whole house – while just over a year ago I wouldn’t get around without a walker. Now I feel free and energetic and don’t need medication.”


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    The Creating Wellness Difference

    Unique to the Creating Wellness program is the Wellness Quotient (WQ) – one number that indicates where your personal level of wellness falls on the wellness continuum scale.

    Personal Level of Wellness - Very Challenged Mind Body and Flow Chandler, ArizonaPersonal Level of Wellness - Challenged Mind Body and Flow Chandler, ArizonaPersonal Level of Wellness - Transition Mind Body and Flow Chandler, ArizonaMind Body and Flow Chandler, ArizonaPersonal Level of Wellness - Excellent Mind Body and Flow Chandler, Arizona

    Where are you on the Wellness Quotient?

    Contact Mind Body and Flow to schedule your Wellness Assessment.

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