Infrared Body Wrap – Burn More Calories

The cutting-edge technology of infrared heat has been scientifically proven to promote a hyperthermic state that can increase heart rate and circulation, enhance metabolism and healing, and strengthen immune function. Infrared heat has also been shown to accelerate removal of heavy metals, petrochemicals and drug residue from the body by targeting release through the largest organ of the human body–your skin.

So you like the idea of using infrared heat to boost your body’s natural functions. But you really want to focus on burning calories and fat or target healing to a certain area of the body? Then the Infrared Body Wrap is the perfect match for you!

The Infrared Body Wrap offered by Mind Body and Flow in Chandler, AZ is the only dual-action infrared heat wrap on the market whose infrared rays have been scientifically proven to help you burn more calories in a single 60-minute session than many workout routines! Used in tandem with our Focus & Fusion self-applied or SudaTone professionally applied creams, infrared heat’s impact on weight loss, fat reduction and overall health has amazed doctors and scientists.

In addition, our infrared body wrap uses radiant energy that can directly penetrate the body’s tissues to a depth of over 1.5 inches. The temperature can be adjusted in each zone of the body wrap to assist in alleviating pain from muscle spasms and joint stiffness promote healing of arthritis and sports injuries.




Self Application Method

Professionally Applied Method




Mind Body & Flow now offers FUSION & FOCUS creams that are provided (Focus at an additional $3.99) during your Self Applied Infrared Bodywrap to help enhance results and overall mindfulness. Fusion & Focus consist of concentrated natural ingredients that target areas of fat and cellulite while providing soothing and enjoyable aromas during your Infrared Bodywrap Session.

The FUSION cream infuses your body with a special blend of ingredients to slim, trim, tone, detoxify and assist in the reduction of fat and cellulite. This proprietary blend will infuse your skin with moisture and nutrients. This cream is offered Free with your Self Applied Infrared Body Wrap.

The FOCUS cream includes ingredients, that when applied to target areas of fat and cellulite, contribute to the breakdown of fat and cellulite tissue. This cream is offered for an additional $3.99 per Infrared Body Wrap.

View Fusion & Focus Cream InfoView Infrared Body Wrap With Self Application Pricing


With our professionally applied method you get to sit back and let one of our 3 professionally trained technicians do all of the work for you. Unlike the self application method, you are only required to sit back and relax as we take care of the entire process from start to finish. During your session our trained professionals will aim to maximize the benefits of the Infrared Body Wrap session by utilizing our Sudatone Creams that will help to detox and cleanse, reduce cellulite, contour and firm, and reduce fat. SudaTone Cream works for the whole body as well as targeted areas of the body.
Your professionally applied Infrared Bodywrap session application will start with Creams 1 and 2 at the beginning of each session, with Cream 3 being applied at the end of your session. Allow our trained professionals to give you the ultimate experience with our Professional Applied Infrared Body Wrap Session.

Please view the video for more information.

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  • Each session in the Infrared Body Wrap is typically 45 minutes. While you are relaxing, your body will be hard at work sweating, pumping blood and burning calories!


  • Our lNFRARED BODY WRAP CAN PROVIDE LASTING RESULTS by producing energy similar to the energy produced during exercise. The infrared heat triggers the body to release fat and toxins into the blood stream where it is removed naturally, through perspiration and urine resulting in reduced inches off targeted areas with lasting effects.


  • Far Infrared Energy promotes the breakdown of fatty tissue (the root cause of cellulite) which will lead to the appearance of smoother and firmer skin.

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