Infrared Body Wrap

When was the last time you had the chance to relax and unplug, all while burning calories? The Infrared Body Wrap offered by Mind Body and Flow in Chandler is the only dual-action infrared heat wrap in Arizona that helps you burn more calories in a single 60-minute session than many workout routines! Give yourself a break from the gym today. Effortlessly loose weight, detox and relieve pain!


Infrared Sauna

Have you had a long week? Did you have to deal with bad traffic, deadlines at work, family obligations and no time for yourself? Come in and unwind in our private Infrared Sauna at Mind Body and Flow! Let tension melt away as you listen to relaxing music, read a book and sweat away your troubles. And by the way, you’ll burn calories too. But that can be your secret!

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