90 Day Paleo Challenge

With all of the technological advancements our society has developed over the past few decades, Americans should be the healthiest people on the planet. Instead, we’re overweight, over-stressed and unhappy. Maybe we need to step back and look to our ancestors for a little lifestyle guidance. We can’t literally jump in a time machine (and who would want to live in an era without indoor plumbing, anyway!) But, we can simplify our lives by learning to Be Fit, Eat Right and Think Well in the modern age with Mind Body and Flow’s 90-Day Paleo Challenge. Dr. Jim Handzel, DC can give you the direction and assistance to guide you to a happier and healthier you.


28 Days To Health Detox

Wheat bread, soymilk and yogurt, oh my! Are certain foods and beverages spoiling your efforts to get healthy? Do you know how consuming inflammatory foods affects your health? Let Dr. Jim Handzel, DC, show you how to cut gluten, soy and dairy out of your diet and detoxify your body in 28 days. You’ll look and feel better in four short weeks!


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