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Colon Hydrotherapy

“Colon hydrotherapy is a safe, effective method of removing waste from the large intestine, without the use of drugs. By introducing filtered and temperature-regulated water into the colon, the waste is softened and loosened, resulting in evacuation through natural peristalsis. This process is repeated a few times during a session.” – Gail Naas I-ACT President

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Infrared Services

Infrared Sauna

Our FAR Infrared Sauna has a unique delivery system will help you achieve sweating at a more comfortable temperature than conventional dry or steam saunas. This infrared sauna promotes a hyperthermic state that can increase heart rate and circulation, relieve sinus pressure and congestion, enhance metabolism and strengthen immune function.


Infrared Body Wrap

The Infrared Body Wrap offered by Mind Body and Flow in Chandler, AZ is the only dual-action infrared heat wrap on the market whose infrared rays have been scientifically proven to help you burn more calories in a single 60-minute session than many workout routines! Used in tandem with our Focus & Fusion self-applied or SudaTone professionally applied creams, infrared heat’s impact on weight loss, fat reduction and overall health has amazed doctors and scientists.

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Massage Services

Zen Shiatsu: The main concept behind shiatsu massage is that energy, or chi, circulates along channels or meridians in the body. There are two major differences between this type of massage and other forms: clients don’t need to undress for a session and it does not involve the use of oil or lotions.

Lymphatic: At Mind Body and Flow in Chandler, AZ we strive to bring our clients the BEST POSSIBLE choices for healing the mind and body. This is why we added a remarkable new service known as lymphatic massage, or lymphatic drainage therapy. This non-invasive, gentle therapy enhances your metabolism while promoting the removal of bodily toxins and waste. It encourages the circulation of your lymphatic system, improves vitality and calms your nervous system.

Swedish: While various forms of massage have been practiced for thousands of years, physiologist, Henri Peter Ling, in Stockholm, Sweden in1812, introduced traditional Swedish massage. Its firm characterizes this massage technique, yet calming pressure that improves blood circulation, eases muscle tension, and improves flexibility. Today’s therapeutic style of Swedish massage still employs a series of long, gliding strokes and kneading of the muscle that encourages blood circulation and helps heal injuries like muscle sprain and spasms. (Excerpt from

Pregnancy: Pregnancy can be a tumultuous period for a woman. Not only does a woman experience physical changes, she also experiences mental changes as well. Any woman who has been pregnant can sympathize with the mental and physical fatigue associated with pregnancy. Mind Body and Flow recognizes that massage therapy can be particularly helpful during a time when medication and other medical options may be limited.

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Nutritional Programs

Paleo 90 Day challenge: What is Paleo? The Paleo Diet (aka The Caveman Diet) is based upon the fundamental concept that the optimal diet is one to which we are genetically adapted. Meaning, the Caveman Diet eliminates toxins from the body by introducing genetically beneficial eating habits by refraining from refined foods, trans fats, sugars, and other inflammatory foods from your diet. Mind Body and Flow has a 90 Day Paleo Diet fit just for you and your lifestyle! Mind Body and Flow’s 90 Day Transformational Paleo Challenge is a Personalized, Custom Wellness Program designed specifically for YOU!

28 Day Clean Eating Detox: Mind Body and Flow’s 28 Day Clean Eating Detox is the Clean Eating Program that empowers you to change your lifestyle to achieve sustainable results with Gluten, Soy, and Dairy-Free products. Our four week program educates you on how to successfully eliminate the foods, environmental toxins, and habits that are compromising your health. Realize your potential by clearing dangerous toxins from your system. Eliminate the burden of unwanted symptoms and experience the renewal of your health.

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