Meet The Mind Body & Flow Team


Our Mind Body & Flow Team is eager to meet new clients and help them improve their health in a holistic manner. Our doors are always open to individuals who are looking to enhance their overall wellness by eliminating obstructions from systems of the body that drain their vitality. But first, maybe you would like to learn a little more about us.

The Mind Body & Flow Team is made up of unique and highly qualified individuals who are certified in their area of expertise. Each one is here to help you and provide you with the best possible experience while visiting Mind Body & Flow. Please read a little more about each of our Team Members below.


Designation: Wellness Director, Senior Therapist & Instructor

Jacinda is the Wellness Director, Senior Therapist and Instructor at Mind, Body & Flow, A Creating Wellness Center, where she cherishes an amazing opportunity to apply her knowledge of health and wellness and her intuitive ability to resonate with others. Click here to read more about Jacinda.




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